Our church has quite a story to tell and seeing that it has been around since the 1930’s the stories are many. It all began with a handful of people from the Ansted and Fayetteville communities. In those days Rt. 16 was the main highway and Beckwith was chosen as the location for the church because of its central location. Since that period of time several men have pastored and many lives have been changed by the power of this apostolic message.

It was on April 7th, 1990 that Rev. Richard Barker brought his family to begin his tenure as Pastor over the church. Those early days were filled with miracles and church growth that many felt would never happen. During the 25 years of pastoring Beckwith Apostolic, Bro. Barker oversaw the new construction of two new sanctuaries. The first new sanctuary was constructed in 1995 with the first service being held in March of 1996. As the Lord continued to bless and grow the church, the second sanctuary was built to house the vision of a man and people that was and is still hungry for revival! In 2005 construction began on our current sanctuary and the old sanctuary was remodeled into a beautiful dining hall.

It was on July 15th, 2015 that Bro. Barker stepped up into the role as Bishop (overseer) of Beckwith Apostolic and the duties of Pastor were handed to Rev. Robert Ayers II.

Beckwith Apostolic will be indebted to the ministry of Bishop and Sis. Barker until Jesus returns for His church. Their work ethics were unmatched as they labored for the Lord daily throughout their 25 year tenure. Their leadership skills have proven the ability to inspire others to have that same passion in working for our Lord. It doesn’t take very long to walk around our facilities to see how the Lord used them to bless our church for generations to come should He tarry. The love the people have for this Godly couple speaks volumes for their commitment to God. We are truly blessed with a tremendous spiritual heritage.

Pastor Ayers, his family and the saints of Beckwith Apostolic have made a commitment to keep the fire of Pentecostal revival burning stronger than ever, to endeavor to stay united as one and to stay committed to the doctrine and heritage that has been instilled in us until Jesus comes!